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It's more than just putting a sign in the yard.

Sure, the markets can sway between a Seller's advantage and a Buyer's advantage, so if you time it right, all you've got to do is basically put a few signs out and collect the cash, right? The internet and the legal system are full of horror stories where things went terribly wrong. Just ask your colleagues at work, or your nosy neighbor Mildred. They will tell you in graphic detail how unqualified Buyers sent Sellers through needless heartache, only to find at the end of the day they couldn't qualify to make the purchase. Or even worse - demanded expensive repairs that the Sellers did not have to do because the house truly did meet code for the year it was built!

Realtor Kathy Smith Open House Sign

This is where Kathy comes in. With her years of expertise, those Buyers who are unqualified will not make it through the front door to begin with. As a full service Broker, she has the power of a skilled lender to pre-qualify prospective those unrepresented Buyers prior to showing them the property. She assists her Clients in interpreting those difficult inspection reports and requests for repairs. It isn't uncommon for home inspectors to request wallpaper seams be glued down or replace a dishwasher because they did not understand to flip the switch to turn the appliance on! (Those two things actually did happen!)



It all starts with pricing the property with a full understanding of the current market conditions. Kathy will meet with you to discuss your property, any upgrades and benefits it may have. She will consult with you in regards to staging and a preparation list which will optimize the property's value for the market. After researching the comparable properties, Kathy returns to have a discussion with you about pricing and her marketing strategy. This is not the "Old Skool" Realtor meeting, where they come in and proclaim from on high a value. It's a collaborative approach, where ultimately YOU make the decision based upon her professional suggestions.

Once a date to list the property has been decided upon and listing documents signed, Kathy is off to the races, coordinating professional photography for a virtual tour PLUS a Matterport 360 degree tour (it's just like walking around in person!), arranging for open houses and creating distinctive marketing pieces for online and tangible asset consumption. She's not a "Secret Agent" in the least. She broadcasts to the world how magnificent your property is, creating a buzz and ultimately getting the highest price the market will bring.


Once Under Contract, the Real Hard Work Begins.

You may think that once you have it under Contract, all you have to do is wait until the closing date, right? Not in the least. Kathy is busy coordinating home inspections, radon inspections, termite inspections, chimney and fRealtor Kathy Smith Sold House Signoundation inspections, appraisals and the huge pile of requests the closing attorney's office sends -- all while keeping you informed of progress along the way. Once the inspections and other due diligence fact finding is complete and the Buyer's Agent sends over a request for repairs or a price reduction, Kathy helps navigate this process with you to ensure right steps are taken to move everyone closer to closing. It could include bringing in contractors for quotes, a Structural Engineer to certify the home's integrity, consulting with code enforcement or real estate law to make certain the requests are not out of line.

Then as the closing date appears, Kathy works diligently to ensure things are moving along smoothly with the Buyer's loan and Attorney. We definitely do not want any last minute surprises. As Kathy likes to say, "The only surprises I like are those that come in a blue Tiffany's box!"

As closing day happens, all should be smooth sailing, with all the stipulations to close behind you. Keys exchanged, documents signed and a wire transfer of proceeds hit your bank account. You can rest assured all has been handled for another successful sale by Realtor Kathy Smith! 

Realtor Kathy Smith would love to share with you a customized marketing plan for your property and discuss how she can help you make the most out of your investment. Give her a call or email today!