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What Interests Hollywood in Kathy Smith?

What do they know that you do not about this Superstar Realtor? 

There's a reason that she has been featured on productions such as ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and HGTV's "Property Virgins." 

 Taking a quick break from filming with the show's Producer on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition". 

With many years of performing in theatre, from singing to acting to playing a multitude of musical instruments, Kathy feels right at home in front of the camera.  "When Extreme Makeover came to town, they were looking for singers to perform as Christmas Carolers since it was a holiday show that year.  My Carolina Voices' Mainstage choir and I were cast for that role.  They literally gave us photocopied words on a page and told us the traditional carol they wanted them sung to.  It was up to us to quickly memorize the lines and make it sound as though these funny carols were the original ones we've been hearing forever.  It was definitely a challenge for us to do in just a few minutes before the cameras rolled," recalls Kathy.

"The crew was great to work with and it was a fast paced environment.  Much like the production of helping a client to buy or sell their home," quips Kathy.  With all the moving pieces of a real estate transaction, it is easy to see how it has to be orchestrated much like a television show.  One missed step can make the difference between a successful sale or a difficult experience for all.  The latter is a reality this Realtor never wants to see for her clients.


Property Virgins.

The next show to approach Kathy was "Property Virgins", which currently airs on HGTV.  With this production, Kathy took a role behind the camera.  She was the consultant to the producers and host in regards to all things Charlotte real estate.  Since the show's production company hails from Toronto, Canada, they needed the aid of a real estate professional who knows the local market inside and out.  Kathy's name quickly came up.  "You never know what they may need in regards to a show like this.  We would have discussions about the intricacies of Charlotte real estate - the differences between North and South Carolina for example, then I'd get a call with the producers in a panic about finding a filming location.  Good thing I'm resourceful!  I was able to help them out in a few pinches so they could keep production on schedule." 


The most difficult part for Kathy in the filming of "Property Virgins" was not acting the part of on-screen Realtor.  "I would coach Egypt about the house or the market as they were finishing her hair and makeup.  I would have to let her play the part of the Realtor for my clients.  I wanted to be the one to see the reactions on their faces as they saw the houses for the first time, answer their questions, you know - do what I do best!  But I had to trust that I had educated Egypt properly and watch from a distance."

Kathy's knowledge of real estate isn't limited to just television.  She's also been interviewed for The Charlotte Observer newspaper most recently, in addition to many other smaller publications and radio shows for her real estate knowledge.  "I'm a very direct person.  I tell it like it is, good or bad.  Since entering real estate back in 2003, I've seen all sorts of markets - from the good to the bad.  I think that's what media loves about me.  I quickly give them all sorts of direct, non-sugar-coated sound bites they can use."


Get the Star Treatment.

When it comes time to buy or sell your next home, shouldn't you get the star treatment?  LetReal Estate Rock Stars - Kathy and Egypt, on location for HGTV's "Property Virgins." Kathy put her knowledge of the market, media experience and skill to promote your house for sale or find the elusive place for you to call home.  Make the ending to your story a happy one.  There's a reason she's known for having a common name, yet providing uncommon results for her clients.  Give her a call to experience it for yourself today!







 Real Estate Rock Stars - Kathy and Egypt, on location for HGTV's "Property Virgins."