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Real Estate News

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  2. Your first credit card can be the start to building your financial future. Just remember, how you use it can affect you for years down the road.

    For example, build a good credit score and you could see lower interest rates on home and auto loans, and receive better credit card perks. Make too many mistakes with a first card, however, and you could have less financial flexibility. Landlords, lenders and utility companies could view a low credit score as a risky customer for them and

  3. Here are a few exciting amenities that kids will love!


    Waterslides and lazy rivers take the backyard swimming pool to the next level.

    Bowling Alleys

    The perfect rainy-day activity, a bowling lane at home has a wow factor that

  4. Online security breaches where retailers are hacked and customers credit card information is stolen are becoming a regular part of the news cycle.

    Cybercriminals can sell the data online to other criminals, who can then use the information to open bogus accounts in the names of legitimate customers, run up charges on the stolen credit cards and commit other acts of fraud.

    The going rate for a U.S. credit card number and a software-generated card verification number is worth $5

  5. Some days, keeping a smile on your face can be a struggle. Whether youre dealing with a stressful career, medical issues or just feeling weighed down by your daily routine, repeating positive mantras can help shift your mood"if youre open to it.

    Below are four helpful happy mantras to lift your mood.

    You can do it.Whether youre under a huge deadline for work or trying to finish that last mile on the treadmill, telling yourself that you can do it will make your